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Argan oil basically used for hair and skin and there lots of benefits of argan oil for hair and skin. It is best formula for healthy and damage free hair. This helps hair to stimulate and gives strong root nourishment for a long-lasting effect. It easily absorbs in the scalp and it moisturizes hair and make them non-greasy and free from irritation.

As press, Newspaper and magazines have discussed about the benefits as they say:

“Restorative and age-defying in beauty industry” (THE NEWYORK TIMES)

“Argan oil is very popular and is a great nutrient for hair. It gives a silky quality by filling broken cuticles, controls fizz” (ELLE MAGAZINE)

“This oil uses for ultra-moisturizing agent beautifies all over” (People magazine)

“This antioxidant – packed oil is great for hair and skin, and it absorbs much easily than common oils like apricot and avocado” (BELLASUGAR)


This product is extracted from Argan Tree. It is extremely rich in natural nutrients and minerals which help hair roots strong and rich in vitamins present in it.  My Hair softer, silkier, frizz free, ends spilt-ends by its use. This Oil works deeply and in many ways having miracle results and help me out through many hair problems.


Vitamin E promotes hair growth fast and contains antioxidants which helps boosting cells and encourage to produce hairs. When used on hair it helps fight dandruff and dry scalp.

Omega 3, fatty acids family in Argan Oil

Omega 3, fatty acids family, increases cell production. It stimulates scalp protection from bacteria. Omega 9 monosaturated nonessential. Cosmetics promotes argan oil in huge amount, because it works in medication for hairs and skin as well as for beauty.


Dry, brittle hair can b conditioner from this oil. It fights dandruff, and every hair fungus. Makes hair thick, good and high in volume. Beautiful hair makes beautiful personalities. Dermatologists suggest argan oil as cosmetic treatment. Hair loss is a big problem any one could have and it is in both men and women, there are many treatments for It but are so costly, but this oil is a cheap but a beautiful gift of nature to human that treats this huge problem with no such surgeries or heavy pocket treatments.


Sooner or later this oil works magically and have best results any other oil could have it works like a gold oil, if I could call this oil ‘King of Oil’, it not might b wrong. Large white skin flakes are a big important problem and also commonly found in second other human, luckily this oil also helps through this. It clears hair from all those things that damages hair and roots. Ultimately an itchy scalp or an oily scalp is a nightmare to anyone but this is also resolving by this oil.

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    February 13, 2019

    Interesting thanks for your post.

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