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There are lots of BENEFITS OF FRANKINCENSE OIL. This oil is made from the resin of ‘Boswellia tree’ in Middle East. It u in dry, mountains regions, has an spicy sweet essence with lots of useful benefits that may give lots of benefits to human and plays an important role in life.


Healing Benefits:


Anti-Aging Moisturizer: It is a moderate use that helps skin moistens, tones, and lifts the skin. It helps dry skin being normal.

Promotes Smooth Skin: It has natural effect to makes skin smooth, from dry to normal, from oily to normal. It has anti-acne and anti-wrinkle remedy.

Act As An Tonic: It boosts health and skin is considered as tonic, it strength body by aiding absorption of nutrients.

Fights Oral Infections: It has an ability to reduce infection problems, helps wound to recover, make calm burn or itchy skin by its warm and cold activity.

Prevents Wrinkles And Fine Lines Of Face: It helps reduce the chance of lines and wrinkles, also reduce dark circles and makes face fresh, glow and reddish.


It is a great toner for hair, it works as a shiner. It makes hair roots strong and hair healthier and longer , brings shine and ends split ends. Stops damage, reduce dullness and makes smoother than before. Fungal problem is reduced by using this oil regularly and also treat hair loss. It also works to conditioned hair, that makes hair soft and smooth. It cures dandruff and stops hair fall.

Cures Other Diseases:

Relieves Muscular Pain: This oil helps in circulating blood to affected area and helps reveals pain, helpful for people suffering from rheumatism.

-Visual Problems: This oil helps vision problems and makes strong vision of eye, by rubbing this oil on palms.

-Treats Asthma: Human who had breathing problems or had symptoms of this disease, using this oil may reduce breathing problems and calms and treats it without any side effect.

Good For Heart: Controls cholesterol level, helps blood control and opens up heart veins so that blood may flow easily through vessels.

Helps Improve Male Fertility: It is a natural remedy that strong hormones of male and makes them internally healthy. Improves Fertility health, enhance the quality and count of sperm.

-Relieves Digestive Problems: Having digestion problem including, disturbed stomach and constipation, also reduce the problem and makes calm by improving circulation in a healthy condition.

Keeps Uterus Healthy: This oil is very useful for uterine cancer, regulate proper menstrual cycles. It also treats other gynecologic conditions that occurs in women while pregnancy or birth giving time.

This oil has lots of benefits that may help human to treat them only by using this natural remedy in regular use of life. Many problems that occur in daily life including skin, hair, internal or external problems, by pollution by dirt or any other natural disease can be cured by this oil having no side effects. It has antiseptic qualities that helps oral problems and gives relief .

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