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Benefits Of Neroli Oil

Benefits Of Neroli Oil! This oil is extracted from citrus flowers that have a sweet-spicy aroma that is beneficial for physical and mental health. It has a quality to maintain balance in health by just using it in daily life.


It has major components include

  • Linalool 28%
  • Linalyl acetate 19.6%
  • Nerolidal 9.1%
  • E-farnesol 9.1%
  • Limonene 4.6%
  • Terpineol 4.9%
  • Indole, Geraniol, Farnesol, Camphene, Neryl acetate.

Benefits Of Neroli Oil

Useful For Skin:

It repairs and rejuvenates skin by adding oil in daily life. It repairs skin cells and improve elasticity of skin. Beneficial for stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, and heals wounds having calming abilities. To prevent from rashes this oil is very good and also treat bacterial skin conditions. Helps anti-aging problems, scars. It also reduces acne and spots, removes fine lines.

Beneficial For Hair:

It clears head also reduces stress, pouring few drops on pillow right before sleeping may give you a peaceful sleep and had sweet dreams by relaxing mind. It acts as tonic and helps hair grow shiner, longer, healthier. It also strengths roots clean scalp and makes hair good in volume.

Curable For Disease:

1. Alleviate headaches: Applying few drops on head and a little massage helps cure headaches, migraine pains, soothes pain and release tension pains.

2. Lower blood pressure: By using this oil in a diffuser or spraying it in the air helps controls blood pressure levels, as its aroma makes mind so relax.

3. PMS cramps: By pouring few drops in your bath tub may help PMS relief  as a natural remedy to relax body.

4. Promotes Digestion: By using this oil in food increases appetite and resolves digestion problems, helps overcome stomach pains, painful fart air that disturbs in stomach, fixes constipation problem also.

5. Kills bacteria: Its essence kills bacteria and keeps your body from bacteria and toxins away.

6. Typhoid: Disease like this affect immune system and weak the body, to prevent this dangerous disease is to have this oil use in life.

7. Keeps you warm: During winter season, to prevent from cold this oil makes you warm and easy to breathe, helps prevents cold, cough, flu from infecting.

8. Ease Labour Pain: Child birth is certainly far from ease, this oil helps fear and anxiety, labour pain by diffusing it in air or massaging it in lower back.

9. Cures infection: Skin infections, allergies, itchy areas, kidneys and urinary infections can be cured by using r massaging this oil and protects.

10. Good in diet use: Reducing weight and fat-cracks in body also helpful by using this oil in food and daily diet. It is healthy and easy to use having no side effects.

Other Benefits Of Neroli Oil

Ad many things introduced this oil helps stimulate other body problems including skin, hair and body organ problems. This oil is naturally effective having no toxic effects reducing soul and body problems. Word of caution is that it relaxes mind and soul so calmly that makes sleep better, due to its strong sedative nature it treats depression, seizures, eliminate stress and other problems. Basically it is a natural gift that can be used as home remedy in any need of use.

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