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5 hair care tips you must follow in this winters

Well, we all know that winters are almost here and yes with more challenge for your skin care and hair. Unfortunately, I have dry skin and hair scalp too so this might be difficult for me to take care of my skin and hair. Most probably we face many issues of hair in winters. So, we have to keep care not only of our skin but hair also. This is the right time we have to talk about hair care tips in this winters.  I guess that you moisturize your skin when you get your skin dry and breakdowns on your skin in winters, but what you do for dry hair scalp? Yes, there are different solutions in order to keep your hair game strong J you would trigger in these winter with your hair by reading this wonderful hair care tips.   Here I am going to present you the useful hair care tips that may help you take care in this winters.

Following are five hair care tips:

1. Oil is the best moisturizer :

Yes, the words you read are absolutely lit. Oil should be the best and amazing ingredient in your home essentials in winters. Moreover, oil is the fabulous solution in winters to get rid you from dandruff. This may help your scalp to moisturize all the time. No matter where you are busy or you have a hectic routine, you have to oil your hair thrice in a week. Winter season leaves your hair dry and led your hair to dandruff. I personally recommend you use coconut oil (extra virgin) and jojoba oil for hair (carrier oil) in these winters.

You can massage your hair with these oil as a blend or individual before sleep. Better to warm oil in the microwave before applying.  You can leave it overnight and rinse with warm water. Do not use hot water for your hair, I repeat my words wash your hair with warm water, not with hot water.

2. Condition your hair :

Frizzy hair is very common in winters so to it is important to condition your hair with a good conditioner after washing your hair. Make sure use that conditioner that leaves your hair smooth and silky. This will help your hair to be less frizzy and dry free.

hair care in winter
hair care in winter

3. Dry your hair properly:

You might be thinking that why to dry hair even when you having dry hair. This is because once you wash your hair and you don’t dry them that may lead you to breakdowns, and many other problems. Don’t style your hair when they are wet and if you have time so let your hair to dry naturally. Using fewer gadgets will help your hair to grow faster and longer.

4. Cover your hair:

When you are leaving for office or for an event you must cover your hair with a cap or scarf. This is the way that you can help your hair to get less dryness. So, goodbye to dry hair this winters and wearing a hat can give you a very beautiful and elegant look. Choose the cap that suits your face and wears according to clothes.

5. Stay hydrated :

This is the most significant tip that will make you shine in these winters. Sin winters we suffered from dryness everywhere because we don’t keep us hydrated. So you should keep yourself hydrated by intake of water and good food. 

These are the tips that can help you to sparkle in winters. With these tips, you are going too bright with beautiful and healthy hair. I will back to you with more exciting information and tips that will help you to live not less than a queen. If you have any questions or comments you can ask us below stay tuned and share my thoughts with your family and friends to help them because helping others is blessing.


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