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How to use lavender essential oil for hair?

Essential oils are increasingly popular home remedies. Lavender is considered the most essential oil favorite. Boasting many uses and a heavenly scent, lavender essential oils are made directly from the lavender plant. Through special distilling techniques, the end product obtained from lavender plant is beneficial for skin, hair growth and other reliefs, which include pain relief, migraine relief, air freshening, cleaning, and even hair care perks.

How to make lavender oil for hair?

Lavender oil is essential for hair growth in many ways. We can make lavender oil for hair growth by the steps mentioned below:

1. Make Lavender Hair Growth Oil

You will need:

Place all the oils in a bowl and mix well. If your coconut oil is solid, melt it by placing in warm water. 

Now put on some light music and start applying the hair growth oil into your scalp and hair. Massage for 2-3 minutes and let the oil do it’s stimulating work overnight.

Wash Your hair in the morning using shampoo.

2. Lavender oil can be added to the shampoo

In case of scalp benefit and hair growth, you can add a little lavender oil to shampoo. It make a great combo when added with egg shampoo, besan shampoo or clay shampoo. You can also put lavender oil in ree-shi shampoo, but that will mean a lot of mixing.

3. Use lavender oil in a hair mask

You can also add lavender oil to the homemade hair mask. 5-10 drops of lavender oil is enough to give results. Some homemade hair masks you can try with lavender are:

  1. Miracle Hair Mask for Thickness
  2. Olive Oil and Egg Mask to Stop Hair Loss
  3. Castor oil Hair Mask for Faster Growth

How to apply lavender oil on hair?

There are numerous ways to apply lavender oil on hair. Depending on the benefits you want to experience, certain applications are better than others.

  1. Massage the oil onto your scalp
  2. Add the oil to your hair products
  3. Consider purchasing those products with lavender essential oil already added
  4. Use lavender essential oil hair serum
  5. Use a Lavender hair mask once per week

Benefits of Lavender oil for hair

Lavender hair oil supports hair growth, some of it’s benefits are as follows:

  1. It helps promote hair growth
  2. It’s antimicrobial
  3. Prevent or kill head lice
  4. Helps curb skin inflammation
  5. Has a calming effect
  6. Has a divine fragrance

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