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Lavender oil: How to use lavender oil for skin

How to use lavender oil for skin

if we talk about lavender oil is the most significant thing that probably comes to your mind is that lavender oil is the  highly concentrated essential oil that cannot be used directly to your skin. so there are the ways that you can use this high concentrated oil by  cherishing its delightful benefits. As per research essential oils (high concentrated) are distilled oils that cannot be used straight to your skin. In this blog post i am here to present you some behaviors and methods so, you can utilize and know that how you can use lavender oil for skin.

lavender oil for acne

Lavender oil is very important for your skin care. Acne is the most common issue that cannot be treated easily. If you are exhausted from using different medicines and creams, you must use lavender oil for acne .  Lavender oil is consisting of different antioxidants which helps to treat acne and reduce redness from your skin. i personally suggest you to use lavender oil for skin in winters.

How to use:

Add 2 tbsp. of certified lavender oil with the blend of apricot, almond or coconut as per your choice. Mix the blend oil well and apply on your skin with light fingers. Do not absorb oil and it is good to use overnight.

Use this at least for one month and you can get the best results.

Floral facial mist:

Now you can make your own facial mist by using lavender oil with little effort. This mist can help in different ways such as makeup fixer, lightens your skin, get rid of redness and hydrate your skin.

Recepie :

 You can use your leftover lavender essential oil. Add water in lavender oil in a spray bottle and you can enjoy your facial mist that can please your skin.

lavender oil for wrinkles

 Lavender oil also benefits to the skin fighting against wrinkles. The antioxidant present in the lavender essential oils which is free from radical damage helps the skin to get rid of wrinkles and the signs of anti-aging. Lavender essential oil leaves your skin moisturized and remove dark spots and fine lines. so from these measures you can use lavender oil for wrinkles.

You can see different anti-aging and bb creams contain lavender oil in it because of its health benefits for the skin.

How to use:

  You can make a blend of lavender oil with apricot oil. Apply this blend at your skin and leave for overnight. Continue this procedure unless you get the results. For best results, you can use lavender soap or lavender salt use if you have oily skin.

Hydrate your skin:

Lavender oil or lavender floral water can be the best hydration because of its best natural nutrients for the skin. If you have dull and dead skin you must use lavender essential oil overnight to hydrate and please your skin. Lavender hydrosols can be used in day-night or if you are out for dinner or lunch. One spray of lavender floral water can leave your skin smooth and hydrated.

How to use:

You can buy lavender hydrosols from organic markets and can use whenever your skin is dry and dead. The floral water can help to remove dead cells from your skin.

These are the uses of lavender oil for your skin and I will come again with the new post of  “uses of lavender oil for hair


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