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Tamanu Oil and It’s Benefits

Tamanu oil is extracted from tamanu seeds that grow on a tropical evergreen called a tamanu nut tree. Tamanu oil and other parts of the tamanu nut tree have been used as a therapist for hundreds of years by certain Asian, African, and Pacific Island cultures.

Historically, people believed in tamanu oil’s skin benefits. Some studies suggest that tamanu oil may prevent the tumor-growth in cancer patients. May treat vaginitis Trusted Source and help reduce symptoms in people with HIV.

Organic Tamanu oil

Organic Tamanu Face Oil contains Naturally-derived Vitamin E (1%) which includes all four types of tocopherol: alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

Tamanu Oil is a rich, thick, slightly nutty oil that’s perfect for all types of skin. Tamanu gives a dewy non-greasy glow. It’s also great for more mature skin that needs a step-up in hydration.

Tamanu Argan Facial Serum


  • Tamanu Oil
  • Cold-pressed Argan Oil
  • Rosehip Seed
  • Jasmine Oil
  • Frankincense Oil

Take equal proportion of tamanu oil, cold-pressed argan oil, and rosehip seed then mix them. Put this mixture in a mixture of drop of jasmine and frankincense oil. Jasmine oil has soothing properties where as frankincense fastens the healing process. Once the mix is ready, store it in an eye drop bottle. Through dropper, pour a few drops of this mix into your facial mask or any lotion.

If you are unable to find the essential mentioned above, you can use any of the following alternate oils:

  • Almond oil
  • Jojoba wax
  • Shea Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Apricot oil

Tamanu oil hyperpigmentation

As Tamanu oil being anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial makes it a great ingredient for controlling acne. The anti-inflammatory property of tamanu oil has made it popular natural product for treating skin conditions like acne and eczema. Here’s a simple recipe that will help you reduce acne scars if you use it regularly. You can store the oil and keep it in a glass jar.


  • Take 30 ml of blended Tamanu and Hazelnut oil
  • 0.5 ml of Helichrysum Italicium
  • 0.5 ml of Lavender Vera
  • 0.5 ml of Rosemary c.t. Verbenone


  1. With the help of a measuring tube or cup and weigh out ⅓ rd of Tamanu oil and ⅔ of Hazelnut oil
  2. Pour two oils together in a storage jar.
  3. Next, add remaining ingredients. If measuring tube being used doesn’t accurately measures then you can just put 17 drops each of Helichrysum Italicium, Lavender Vera, and Rosemary c.t. Verbenone
  4. Be careful when you pick up the rosemary, as the rosemary used in this recipe is a special kind that’s especially used for healing skin.
  5. You can use this mixture once or twice a day to visibly reduce acne scars within a short period of time.

Tamanu oil for psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition. There is no cure, but treatments can reduce the inflammation and make the symptoms more manageable. There are no guidelines provided by any researchers on how to use tamanu oil for psoriasis.

Before applying it directly to the skin, with most essential oils, it is vital to mix tamanu oil with a carrier oil, such as olive oil.

Tamanu oil for hair

Anecdotal stories suggest it can be used to reduce and slow hair loss still it isn’t proven. Ingrown hairs often become inflamed and irritated. As tamanu oil has anti-inflammatory healing properties, it’s possible it could treat ingrown hairs.

Tamanu oil for skin

Tamanu oil can be applied directly to the skin or as a cosmetic product. Tamanu oil acts to have a high fat content, so it’s very moisturizing for the skin. Tamanu oil is used as an active agent in many skin care products, including anti-aging creams. It fight against damage from free radicals due to tamanu oil having antioxidants properties. The oil’s ability to promote collagen and GAG production also plays a role in anti-aging and skin regeneration.

Tamanu Oil side effects

Avoid swallowing or direct contact with eyes. Avoid contact with the sunburns. Be aware that tamanu oil is considered a health supplement as being able to treat or cure any disease.

Research suggests contact with tamanu oil may cause allergic reactions in some people allergic to tree nuts should avoid tamanu oil.

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