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What is Orange Blossom Floral Water?

Orange blossom floral water also called Orange Flower Water. It is a perfumed by-product of the extraction of fresh bitter-orange, refers to the citrus tree and its fruits, for their essential oil. What is Orange Blossom Floral Water? It’s a perfect blend of floral and citrus. An absolutely vibrant oil, with a beautiful orange blossom scent. It’s extracted by using steam distillation method which extracts from fresh white neroli (or orange blossom) flowers which is further extracted from neroli plant using steam distillation.

What is Orange Blossom Floral Water?

Orange Blossom Water Uses

This water is used as a fragment flavor in traditional dessert dishes in many countries such as Spain, France, Turkey and Egypt. Orange blossom water is used to flavor cakes like wedding cakes. It’s also used to make marshmallows and is also used as an ingredient in some cocktails.

Orange Blossom as a Plant therapy

Orange blossom floral water acts as a plant therapy and therefore, has many therapeutic properties , said to be calming and to aid digestion. It’s used as a medicine for stomach ache.

Traditional Orange Blossom Water recipe

The traditional method orange blossom water recipe requires steam distillation in special copper equipment known as a still or Katara in Moroccan Arabic. 

Home Method Orange Blossom Water recipe

Orange Blossom Water is not very difficult to make at home. The process takes one hour , but then it requires several sleeping weeks. There are different orange blossom water recipe but the basic one is mentioned here. So, the process is as follows:

  1. Use flowers that have not been sprayed with pesticides
  2. Flowers should not be hybrid varieties
  3. Pick blossoms early in the morning
  4. Wash them in cool water
  5. Absorb petals using a stone and pestle and let sit for several hours.
  6. Place and cover petals in a large glass jar with a lid and with distilled water
  7. Let stand in the full sun for weeks
  8. Check the scent
  9. If it is too weak, leave it in the sun for another week
  10. Separate the blossom water through strainer into jars with lids.

Once it has been made, store it in a cool dark location such as Refrigerator.

Orange Blossom substitute

It depends on how the orange blossom water is being used. For baking purpose, you can use orange zest as an orange blossom substitute or if orange blossom water is used in a syrup or in a custard then use orange juice as a substitute.

Benefits of Orange Blossom water for hair:

Orange blossom water benefits for hair:

  1. Conditions Hair
  2. Freshens Hair
  3. Hair spray
  4. Hair gel
  5. Rinse Hair
  6. Sprits for Hair

Benefits of Orange Blossom water for skin:

Orange blossom water benefits for skin:

  1. Tones the skin
  2. Relaxes nerves
  3. Makes soft and smooth skin
  4. Soothes irritation
  5. Skin cleanser
  6. Setting spray for makeup
  7. Splash for body
  8. Relief sunburns
  9. Anti-agent property

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