What are the benefits of Florida water?

What are the benefits of Florida water?


Florida is derived from the Spanish word meaning flower “flore” so florida water means flower water. The company Lanman and Murray has been making a commercial version of Florida Water since the 19th century. There are hundreds of recipes for florida water and it is used in all kinds of spiritual activities-from cleansing, blessing, and protecting, to offerings for the ancestors, to healing and removing negativity.


Florida Water Recipe


Florida water is commonly made with alcohol-which adds to its cooling effect. Below are two recipes:

 Momma Hen’s Rose-a-licious Florida Water:

  1. 3-4 bottles of a commercial Florida water of your choice
  2. 3 cups roses (we prefer strongly scented antique roses and have over 200 varieties to choose from in our gardens)
  3. 3 cups Jasmine flowers
  4. 3 cups aromatic greens like mint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, basil, Mexican mint marigold, thyme)
  5. 3 cinnamon sticks
  6. You can use fresh flowers and plants for this recipe. Combine all ingredients together on the new moon and allow to sit for a full lunation. Strain out plant material, add any essential oils you like,  then bottle, spritz, sprinkle, and go to town!


A recipe for Florida Water than involves cooking:

  1. This is a recipe that I created and involved cooking the ingredients on low either at the stove or crock pot.
  2. 5 cups of Vodka
  3. 9 cinnamon sticks
  4. 18 all-spice berries
  5. one orange peel (preferably dried)
  6. 3 cups rose petals (fresh or dried)
  7. 3 cups Jasmine flowers (fresh to get the scent)
  8. three bay leaves
  9. 1/2 cup dried angelica root
  10. 1 cup aromatic green herbs

Add dried ingredients and cook for about 10 minutes on low. Be careful inhaling the fumes–at this point it will be very Vodka-y. Then add fresh flowers and greens. Cook for 30-45 minutes on low/med-low or even longer. Stir occasionally and then sniff test. You want the botanicals to start outweighing the vodka in your sniff test.

Take off stove, cool, and add any essential oils you like! Bottle, spritz, and sprinkle away!

Formula for Florida water


Florida Water is commonly used and is popular due to its many uses, positive reputation, easy availability and classic distinctive fragrance. 

Florida Water Formula

  1. 8 ounces (one cup) 180 proof alcohol such as Everclear brand1
  2. 1 teaspoon lavender oil
  3. 1 teaspoon bergamot oil
  4. 1 teaspoon lemon or orange oil
  5. 1/4 teaspoon clove or 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (cassia) oil
  6. 2 ounces (one fourth cup) cup water

Combine all ingredients in an air tight glass jar and shake. Shake well before using but after a week. For external use only.

Use the highest proof vodka, gin, etc. to obtain either high proof rum or pure grain alcohol. You can find or use rubbing alcohol available from any drug store or grocer, selecting the highest proof or percentage of alcohol possible.

Florida water and it’s benefits


The basic ingredients are alcohol and essential oils. The essential oils generally used are orange, lavender and lemon oil in Florida Water.

Florida Water is said to have many different benefits for men and women. It is also has strong spiritual properties which makes it popular. Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Cologne has both spiritual and practical purposes. It is spiritually used to cleanse the soul, attract good luck and provide protection. Florida Water is valued as a spiritual water.

1.Spiritual baths to enhance cleansing
2. Wear as a protective shield that leaves a delicate scent. 
3. Mist in the environment to repel negative energy and negative spirits.
4. Mist to attract good spirits. 
5. Add to floor for its cleansing properties.
6. Use to wash a pair of lodestones in preparation for use. 
7. Add few drops to a bowl of water then place it on your ancestral altar as an offering to your ancestors.  
8. Use after showering for an exhilarating rubdown and toner.
9. Use as an astringent and skin lotion to tone the skin, leaving it with a feeling of freshness.
10. Applied to insects bites to provide relief.

Florida water Soap


Florida water has been sold as it’s so popular for a very long time and is known the world over for it's refreshing and attractive scent. It has also become a staple in Voodou and Santeria communities who use it as a powerful cleansing and protective wash and perfume for body and home. Florida Water has the most uplifting and revitalizing scent, that along with it's ingredients are probably why it is attributed with such powerful metaphysical properties. It is also a wonderful prosperity and luck blend- use it every morning to start your day off right! Florida Water is very popular in the Caribbean where there are thousands of home-made recipes for it. This is a no-animal fat soap, 100% natural, with organic, raw, African shea butter. Each bar is enhanced with purifying and healing lavender and refreshes your mind and prosperity bringing calendula petals whereas Natural soaps (free of detergents and commercial lathering agents) should be used with plenty of friction (such as a cloth or luffa) and hot water.

Florida water spray

It is a good idea to keep some in a small spray bottle that you can carry on you if you like using Florida Water in a ritual setting,. Any time you find yourself having to deal with negative or malicious people, lightly mist yourself. Allow the refreshing fragrance to uplift you, and the perfume's properties to keep the negativity away from you. Any time you are in need of a little extra protection, mist yourself and visualize yourself surrounded by a protective sphere of golden light.

Florida water for hair

By adding Florida water to the shampoo you can have fresh and thick hairs and spiritually to clear heavy thoughts. It prevents dandruff. Place a cap full of it with some conditioner on your hair to bless your head.

Florida water for skin

 It is often used as a body lotion, in the bath, or be used to soften the skin. Florida water cologne is sure to be of use for cleansing the soul. As an astringent and skin lotion Murray & Lanman's Florida Water acts with pleasing effects. It then contracts with the pores and tones-up the skin which then results in with a feeling of freshness and radiance.  It has an enchanting fragrance which clings to the body. For tired feet bathe add Florida Water to the bath tub and soak away the days stresses.

 Florida water for anxiety


Florida water has usually been used as a spiritual water. Some of it uses are as follows:

  1. Add to floor washes: Add to floor washes for its cleansing and blessing properties.
  2. Wash lodestones: Use to wash a pair of lodestones in preparation for use.
  3. As an astringent: Use as an astringent and skin lotion to tone the skin, leaving it with a feeling of freshness.
  4. Relief from insect bites: Applied to insect bites it provides some relief.
  5. Anti-anxiety relief: For high anxiety it can be applied to the forehead and used as a rubdown, providing some relief for nervous tension.
  6. Attraction spray: Combine basil and patchouli essential oils, Florida water and a lodestone to a spray bottle for a wonderful attraction spray.
  7. Foot bath: Use in foot washings by adding to a tub of water, washing the feet with the Florida water enhanced foot bath, then anointing the feet with rose oil while praying the 23rd Psalm.
  8. Hair rinse: Add to rinse water after shampooing to clear the head of heavy thoughts.
  9. Face spritz: Keep in a spray bottle in the refrigerator for a rejuvenating face spritz during the hot days of summer.
  10. Laundry rinse: Add a quarter cup to your laundry rinse water to both cleanse and bless your clothes.
  11. Scrying jar: Pour 1/2 Florida Water into a jar half filled with river water and use for divination.
  12. Pendulum rinse: Use to rinse pendulums after readings to clear and prepare them for subsequent readings.

How to clean your house with Florida water?


  1. Spiritually Cleanse a room by placing a small amount in a dish, placing the dish in a room, and allowing the perfume to evaporate.
    2. Use this mixture (combining Florida Water and protective herbs, like  cinnamon or black cohosh, and a little water) to anoint windows, mirrors, and doorways and also protect your home.
    3. Keep your tools cleansed by wiping them down with some Florida Water.




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